Program Settings

Typical Places Where You May Find Us (in school and after school)…

Public and Private Schools: Grades PK- 3rd grade

  • Public Schools across CT and MA
  • Montessori Method Schools
  • Magnet, including many of Hartford’s Schools and CREC Schools
  • Reggio Method Schools
  • PTOs

Two Right Feet at Rockville Public Library

After School Programs

  • Public and Private Schools (See above)

Public Libraries

  • Children’s department
  • Early childhood programs
  • Grade school and homeschool programs

Family Resource Centers

  • Early Childhood Programs and Playgroups

Head Start Centers

  • Children with and without special needs

Town Departments

  • Youth Service Bureau
  • Parks and Recreation Department
  • (for children PK-3rd grade as an after school, special event, or summer program)

Dance and Fitness Centers

  • Mommy/ Parent and Me programs
  • Children’s Programs

Private and Independently Held Group Programs / Homeschool

  • Special Event Sessions and Series for private groups such as for clubs, homeschool groups, playgroups, etc

All Current Literacy Programs Are Listed on Our Program Themes Page