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Hannah is the Program Director and session leader at Two Right Feet. She develops new literacy and reading programs for schools, libraries, and family resource centers and also leads our sessions.

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Relationship Between Language, Climate, and Terrain

Science Magazine article Human Language May be Shaped by Climate and Terrain by Emily Underwood discusses the fascinating phenomenon of acoustic adaptation. Researchers are learning that human language development may be influenced by our environments. Driving factors of language differences appear to be: humidity, forested environment, tree cover (or lack thereof), and terrain (rocky vs. smoother topography).

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A No-Tears Way to Learn Sight Words

According to one educational website sight word is defined as, “a word that is immediately recognized as a whole and does not require word analysis for identification. Good readers instantly recognize sight words without having to decode them. Sight words are usually high-frequency words, which occur most frequently in our language.” Learning sight words is truly an important part of learning to read. It can be described as the on-ramp to becoming a proficient reader.

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